you and moneyMoney.

Just say the word and you’re likely to provoke strong feelings in others.

For some, money represents all that is wrong with the world. It’s evil, dirty, and should never be spoken about or desired (at least overtly).

For others, money is an absolute obsession. Those who have lots of it, want more. Those who don’t have enough, worry about it every waking moment.

It’s fascinating how money, pieces of paper, can exert so much influence and power over us. Have you ever asked yourself why?

Though money is a daily part of our lives, few of us understand the true nature of money and how it works. Sadly, we hold money at arm’s length. But the truth is that we need money, even the most noble among us.

The key is to develop a healthy relationship with money that will allow us to have more of it and use it in a way that is beneficial to ourselves and those we seek to serve.

If you want to change how you and money relate here are 5 phrases to ponder:

You and money phrase 1

It’s an idea.

Think money is merely the pieces of paper with numbers and faces printed on them?

Want to know what makes these pieces of paper (or digits in cyberspace) so valuable?

We all agree that it has value. That’s it. Money is an idea.

Furthermore, because money is essentially an idea, money is what we think it is.

If you think money is bad, you’ll experience money as bad (and you won’t have much of it). If you think money is a tool that can help you live well and be generous to others, you’ll experience money as a powerful force for good.

If you can’t answer the question, “What do you value most?,” go and review your purchases over the last 60-90 days to see what you’ve spent your money on.

Baring essentials such as housing and food, what did you spend most of your money on?

If it was clothing, that’s what you value most. If it was on car care, that’s what you value most.

If it was on experiences with your family, that’s what you value most.

Money is simply a manifestation machine. It amplifies and magnifies your core ideas, beliefs, and values.

So want to change your relationship with money for the better? Change your ideas.


You and money phrase 2

Every dollar is a certificate of appreciation.

I first heard this phrase from Dave Ramsey who gives credit to Rabbi Daniel Lapin for the idea.

While most of us think of money as purely transactional, this phrase challenges that belief.

The exchange of money is really the expression of appreciation for a good or service, given or offered, that provides some much needed value.

If you struggle with the idea of charging more for your goods and services, if you struggle to ask for a raise, if you have settled for working minimum wage jobs, instead of asking yourself “How can I get more money?,” frame the question this way: “How can I earn more certificates of appreciation?”

The most logical answer to that question is to provide more value, primarily by being of service.

If you find ways to be of service to others, most people will be happy to pay you for the value you offer, and you will be happy to receive their gratitude.

You and money phrase 3

Money is a game.

The problem with so many of us is that we just take life too seriously.

Nowhere is this more true than with money. We think of money as being something for the serious minded, not something to be taken lightly.

But if you learn to think of money as just a game, it will take all the dread, fear, and mystery out of it. What are the basic rules? Well, it depends on what game you’re playing. If you want to get out of debt, you can gamify the experience to accelerate your results.

For example, I was able to pay off 18k in just 18 months using Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball system which advocates listing and tackling debts smallest to largest. Once I paid off a debt, it was like reaching the end of a game level. It allowed me to build the momentum I needed to tackle the larger debts and pay them off quickly.

Do you want to earn more, learn to invest money, or pay off your house? Find ways to gamify your experience so you can have fun while reaching your biggest financial goals.

You and money phrase 4

Money does grow on trees.

You’ve probably heard the phrase from your parents when you were young, “Money does not grow on trees.”

This was likely a response from your parents whenever you asked for money or wanted an expensive pair of shoes.

The idea behind this phrase is that in order to have money, you need to work hard.

The idea that money can just appear out of thin air was seen a laughable. It seems to make sense since most of us have jobs where we have to show up, punch in, and sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day in order to “earn” money.

We work hard for our money.

But the people who have the most money barely work for it.

The money works for them through the power of investing and ownership. You can start thinking like an investor or owner by thinking of ways you can earn what career expert Dan Miller calls SWISS (Sales While You Sleep Soundly) dollars.

How can you leverage your knowledge, expertise, and know how in a way that produces SWISS dollars?

Many people have turned to creating online courses as a way of doing just that. Once you’ve figured out how to leverage what you know, you’ll no longer subscribe to the belief that money does not grow on trees.

You and money phrase 5

There’s more where that came from.

I first became aware of this phrase from blogger and online entrepreneur Michael Hyatt. He credits this mindset of abundance to his wife, Gail, who developed this attitude as an overall way of life.

Before hearing this perspective, making large purchases was always stressful. It would be stressful to see the bank balance go down. I would feel financially and emotionally vulnerable, even if there was plenty of money in the bank left.

Then I just started applying the principle of abundance whenever I felt the stress by saying, “There’s more where that came from.” That simple phrase helped me manage my worry and challenge my scarcity mindset around money.

Now I experience gratitude for always having what I need.

Make money your friend

If you keep these 5 phrases in mind, you will transform your relationship with money.

Instead of being your enemy, money will become your friend.

It will show up in your life effortlessly and you will use it effectively to improve your life and the lives of others.


Cylon is a spiritual chaplain, musician, devoted husband, and busy dad of seven. He blogs about practical spiritual tips for living well at Spiritual Living For Busy People - sign up and get his free guide 20 Little Tricks To Instantly Improve Your Mood Even If You Feel Like Punching Something (or Someone) You can also purchase his book Self-Love: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally

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