Wise Words…Effective Prayer.



Wise words from Dr. Joseph Murphy that might make a difference in your life today.

“Are you consumed with fear or worry?  From time to time all people face problems that dominate their lives.  Some of our worries are unfounded, as we get upset about things that are unlikely to occur or are figments of our imagination.  But often the problems are real and imminent.  We worry about debts we can’t pay, our health or the health of a loved one, our jobs, or our investments.

The first step in overcoming these worries is to take pragmatic actions to correct the problem.  However, we must also programme our minds so that we have the confidence to work through the problems and restore and maintain a positive outlook on life.


There is one key to accomplishing this: prayer and meditation.

What is prayer?  Your every thought and feeling is your prayer.  Every thought tends to manifest itself unless it is neutralized by a thought of greater intensity.  Prayer is conscious contact with the Infinite Intelligence within you.  It’s based upon the spiritual premise that there’s a Supreme Intelligence within us that becomes the thing we desire.  Effective prayer is sustained, affirmative attitude of mind.  Once your desire is completely accepted subconsciously, it’s fulfilled automatically as part of the creative law.”

Dr. Joseph Murphy.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle.



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