Why Do I Do It?

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Ta da!  Drum roll please.  I did it.  After seeming weeks…well days…well hours in days…the Christmas Village is up and running.  I may be exaggerating just a little, but it feels like weeks.

I have no idea why I put myself through this year after year.  It all began with a cute little Dickensian house and a tree or two and it’s morphing into a whole damn town, complete with people doing Dickensian things.

a picture for you

Just love the robins on the trees.  So cute.

a picture for you

The kids love the horses.  Not too sure what is being delivered here, hope it’s a large barrel of rum; it looks blooming cold and it might warm them up a bit.  I’m compelled to acknowledge that anything below fifty degrees is cold to me, so I’m probably not the best judge.

a picture for you

Wait, this is my Dickensian village, where’s the little urchin chimney sweep?  I confess I do have one, I just can’t bring myself to put it out…I always feel so sorry for those little mites forced to clean those mucky chimneys.  Plus, I can’t find it.  Does that make me a bad person?

For those of you who think villages are cute and they should have at least one, may I recommend re-reading the first paragraph… hours, days, weeks…and then think again.  I still don’t know why I do it.

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