feeling like a messAdmit it, at some point or another in life, you start feeling like a mess.

It might not be that you lack anything, or are facing financial problems but even in the midst of success, you can still start feeling like a mess.

When this happens, we can feel disconnected from life and our contributions to it.

We can even feel pain or no sense of value on the inside, despite everything happening around us, or how happy people think we are.

Feeling like a mess can lead to a loss of clear interaction with family or even compel us to lose the spirit of service to others.

If this sounds familiar to you, then this guide is your chance to reset.

And if any of this sounds dramatic, it’s probably because you haven’t hit that wall yet; let’s make sure you never do!

In order to get out of such a mess or at least prevent it from happening, you need to acknowledge that you’ll experience strange things at some stages in life no matter how small, big, or great you are.

When such things happen here’s what to do.

Quit self-judgment and improve clarity instead

Think about a power plant for a moment. It doesn’t have energy, it transforms energy. The same goes for clarity; you don’t have clarity, you generate it.

So instead of sabotaging yourself or feeling like you’ve lost purpose in the midst of isolated situations, focus on generating clarity on what’s happening instead.

Ask yourself why is this happening? The question may seems basic but you’ll be surprised how much knowing the answer can affect your life and change your situation.

Having a clear plan is important for getting yourself out of any mess or negative thoughts. It helps you see past distraction and cloaks you against negative moods.

The clearer you are about your life and purpose, the more you’re likely to stop feeling like a mess. And even if you do, you’ll simply know how to crush those feelings by generating more clarity.

Don’t strive for balance when you’re feeling like a mess

Most people simply create more trouble for themselves when trying to bring balance into every situation.

I don’t know of any successful people that have experienced balance in every moment of their life. I want you to understand that no matter how smart you are or effective you are, you’ll still experience bad days.

When such days happen, instead of trying to create balance simply focus on fixing what’s fixable and let go of anything that’s out of your control, knowing that this too shall pass.

A scribe once wrote: ‘there’s time for everything’.

Your job is to understand what time or season you’re in and give the best you can possibly give to things. The rest of the time can be spent embracing and loving yourself and your loved ones instead of looking for balance.

Fix your focus

Let’s spend this part doing a little exercise:

I want you to get a notepad and list five to seven of the most important people to you right now.    Done with that?    Great job.

Now imagine in few years to come, each person is describing what they love and respect about you. If they could say three words to summarize their experience with you, what would it be?

Write whatever it is that you want them to say about you, done with that?

My question is, are you living that personality right now? If not how can you challenge yourself to be that person?

Whenever you’re experiencing negativity or feeling like a mess on the inside, spend some time practicing the exercise above, your answer to that will bring life back into you and your relationships and your world.

Instead of giving in to more confusion, improve your clarity, give the best you can give to things, and fix your focus.

Know the true purpose of your existence and the reality you want to generate. Then stay challengeable and fight the good fight to always win in life.

You can do anything if you simply believe in yourself a little more.


Cephas Tope is the author of The Road Map to Your Extraordinary Life. He writes at highachievers.me, where he shares self improvement and business tips. you can join his free newsletter to learn how to make unshakeable progress and how to create extraordinary super life.

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