What To Do When Life Sucks.

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[success]If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life. ~ Abraham Maslow[/success]

You’ve just had an experience that got on your last nerve.

Your latest and greatest project was a huge bust.

Your car died, a sudden, unexpected, death.

You had a miserable day.  Everything that could go wrong did.

You were the dumpee or dumper.

Basically life sucks.  Nothing feels good.

And here you are sitting in your poopy pants, in your ‘woe is me’ state of mind.

Well sitting in poopy pants probably isn’t all that comfortable.  Think crying babies.

And worse, we’re planting seeds of discontent and you’d better believe we’ll be reaping the harvest some soon day.

As an added incentive…if you needed one, The HeartMath Institute conducted an experiment that our feelings and emotions have a direct effect on our DNA, which in turn affects the matter in our world.

How cool is that?

It showed that when the experimenter felt love, compassion, appreciation, forgiveness and understanding in his heart, his DNA relaxed and elongated itself. When the experimenter felt fear-based emotions like anger, hate, jealousy, or unhappiness his DNA tightened. Apparently when our DNA is relaxed or loose, our immune system functions better.


What’s to be done?  What can we do and what should we do?

My last post touched on putting judgement on one side, and the day I came up with the idea I found it exciting.  Even though, as we all know I didn’t come out of it smelling of roses.

This is such a juicy topic that I had to come back to it.

Imagine the idea.

Think about building your relationships, your finances, your health, or your business without judgement.  Think about the different connection we’d have with everyone.  Think about a world of co-operation instead of competition.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

What’s the difference between sitting playing our tiny violin of self pity, awash in life suckiness versus living a life where we see that not only can we have as big a piece of pie as we want but the pie is unlimited?  And we don’t have to judge, good or bad.  It just is.  Hmmm.

And what if we actually lived our life in a spirit of co-operation instead of competition, we’d see that we didn’t have to literally pursue things, instead we might see that they actually manifested as an expression of our inner beliefs.  Another hmmm.

I believe this to be true.

MLK for blog

Life would be sooo much easier if we would simply learn to live and operate the laws of life, the laws of nature. To live in co-operation and harmony with one another and the abundance that freely flows to us all.

If your heart is set on love, success, financial freedom, great health and vitality you must begin to see beneath all the seemingly wrong conditions in your life.  It’s time to pull the plug on any pity parties and begin to live and act in a new and greater way.

It’s time to move ourselves beyond the poor perspective that we have.  If we want another piece of the pie, we make a bigger one and share it, so there’s plenty for everyone.  We don’t have to outperform, outwit or outsell anyone. We’re dealing with the infinite here..there’s plenty for us all when we come from the spirit of co-operation.

We have to change our perspective…have a shift in the way we view the world…get a new point of view.

Begin to think from the perspective of having so much that it’s easy to give something away.  Begin to live in the assumption that we have plenty of new ideas that benefit us and others.

If we stopped judging our success, our bodies, our relationships our abundance not only will we have more, but everyone else at the table will as well.  And removing judgement makes room for something so much greater and so much more expansive.

We love win wins.  Think of what’s happening to our DNA.

Whilst there’s always a free flow of abundance in our Universe, we don’t get something for nothing.  First, we have to be the person we want to be.  We have to live in gratitude for what we do have, choose to feel what we want to feel about any given situation.


We’ve been given the wonderful gift of freedom of choice.  Let’s use it.

Everything in our world works through law.

If we’re seeking to get something for nothing, it won’t work out well for us.

If we don’t honour our commitments, it won’t work out well for us.

If we seek to hold back because we’re afraid we don’t have enough, or we might get hurt, it won’t work out well for us.

We have to be a full participant in the free flow of abundance and growth that is always beckoning to us and we’ll intuitively know when to say yes and when to say no to any given situation because our decisions come, not from limitation or fear or scarcity, but from our oneness with all that is.  Our oneness with each other.

And we’ll be blessed and we’ll stop feeling that life sucks. And our DNA will be happy.

Love to hear YOUR ways of keeping happy DNA.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle

Elle Sommer is the author and founder of Live Purposefully Now, a website focused on sharing the insights and ancient wisdom that have collectively changed her life, in the desire to make a meaningful impact on yours. Trained at Coach U and having completed a year long training with Bob Proctor, her mission is to encourage and inspire others to build the business, relationships and life they want. You can also find her on Healthy Natural Oils her new website for helping you get started with essential oils for more natural health, well-being happiness and success in your life!

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  • There is a long line of emoticons at the top of the comment section on your site…I thought you put them there ❗ πŸ˜†

  • Very inspiring post! Stop judging ourselves is the most valuable lesson in this post to me. I have been incorporating meditation into my daily ritual lately and using this time to love and accept myself for the things I have done and the person that I am that day no matter what.

  • Elle – A beautifully crafted, focused message that is a great reminder for all of us – even those, including me, who work everyday on precisely what you’re talking about. It is so easy to slip back to the ‘old paradigm’ without even knowing it. Will check out the study on the change in your DNA based on emotions. For those who think that this ‘New Age’ stuff is ridiculous, the hard science may help to get them to re-think how they experience their world.

  • Elle, Poopy pants!! You are so funny!

    Agreed, spirit of cooperation not competition. There is so much abundance that we may freely give things away. The more we think like that the more the opportunities to do so and see it in action seem to multiply.

  • I’ll commit to be a “full participant in the free flow of abundance and growth” .
    It sounds wonderful !
    Thank you for another wonderful article.
    Write on, Elle !

  • Elle, I needed this post today more than you can imagine. Thank you for your beautiful words and for giving me a bit of a kick in the butt to get out of my woe is me state. I also loved the point of there always being enough and just creating a bigger pie will ensure that we all get a piece. Again, I needed to hear this today. So grateful that you’re sharing your wise words and thoughts with us.

    • Isn’t it great when that happens Anne-Sophie…we ask, sometimes without knowing and then we receive. And I’m grateful for your kind words my friend. Thank you. πŸ˜›

  • Hi Elle,
    There’s always a degree of ‘suckiness’ however … there’s always a bigger degree of good stuff … if you are prepared to seek it and keep it. Thankyou.
    be good to yourself
    Life Coach. Listener. Life Lover.

  • Elle,
    We’re still on the same wave lengths I can see! I am working on a judgment post so I love what you wrote about going about your business with non judgment. Would you mind if I quoted you? And I love the idea of being an active participant in the abundance of the universe.
    Very well put, as usual!!

  • Great post! I forwarded it to a few friends.

    I realized lately that life does not really suck! Major epiphany after years! I can’t blieve I was merely a product reacting to memes created, not by me, but by those around me. OMG! Major mindf__k. If we only ignored those, we would be much happier, healthier, fulfilled. I think this is the basis of all sorrow. It is great that spirituality teaches otherwise and that is law.

    • Hi there and welcome to the conversation. Isn’t that awesome that you became aware that life doesn’t suck. Good job you, as we like to say across the pond. Love your insights and appreciate you sharing. πŸ™‚

  • Life would be sooo much easier if we would simply learn to live and operate the laws of life, the laws of nature. To live in co-operation and harmony with one another and the abundance that freely flows to us all.

  • These are some great thoughts, Elle! Personally when life is in a rut I like to do 2 things: Vouch for a wiser person to help me out, directly or indirectly, oftentimes it’s an audio programs by somebody like Jim Rohn or Tony Robbins. Then the second thing is to take my journal and a pen, then write this: “What am I grateful for?”. It takes me several steps back and gives me perspective on things which I wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise…

    • Great perspective Nick…I most definitely like your techniques and am sure they’ll be of great help and encouragement to someone who reads your comments. Do appreciate your participation in the conversation. πŸ™‚

  • Absolutely! I especially love where you say, “If we’re seeking to get something for nothing, it won’t work out well for us.” That is absolutely the truth! I do not like to “take” without being able to give back! Love your words of wisdom, Elle!

  • Hey Elle, I have a degree in Biology and I knew DNA was incredible, I even read recently that it can mutate over generations rather than millennia, I had no idea that emotions could trigger its physical state. Wow!! Well, we knew emotions affects our brain, this makes total sense! Very interesting and informative post!!

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