[success]Passion is energy.  Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. ~ Oprah Winfrey[/success]

One of my friends recently sent me a link to a website on the many uses of feng shui.  She was interested in the idea that feng shui could be used to help shift those few pounds that some of us might have acquired over this past festive season.  Truth be told I didn’t acquire more pounds over the holiday, sad to say, I already had a few extra to begin with.

The idea of energy being linked to such things as weight loss, sounded fascinating.  As is the concept that all our life, yep, even our weight loss life, is all about the balance of our energies.  The yin and yang of our vibration.  We know this, right?  We know that all our experiences are as a result of whatever’s in our consciousness, or to put it another way, whatever is our predominant vibration of energy.  But it’s easy to forget.

Think of something you want in life, but can’t see how to get there.  Can you feel an unwanted energy in your body?  Let it go.  Allow it to be released.  Simply let that feeling of lack go.  It isn’t serving you well.  And if you’re trying to work out how to get it, let that go too.  Let go of the lie that you can’t experience what you want.

We have to let go of wanting things in order to have them.  Sounds a bit contrary I know, but sitting in the energy of wanting something means we’re sitting in the energy of lack.

Let go of being hard on yourself because you haven’t yet got what you wanted.  No more beating yourself up, no more disapproving of yourself.  In fact try the opposite.  Give yourself a little approval.  Forget that.  Give yourself a lot of approval.  You don’t need to wait for it to come from what you’ve got, or from someone else.  Oh and by the way, has disapproving of yourself ever brought what you wanted into your life?  Didn’t think so.  So let’s give it up as the useless activity it is.

We need to be using our magnetic energies to create our ideal life. We’ve got an outgoing and an inflowing element in all things.  This is what makes up the law of attraction.  Focus on what you want from the perspective of already having it.  Being grateful and giving thanks because you have it (even though you can’t see it just yet) and you vibrate in harmony with the desire.  You’re attracting to you whatever it is you focus on.

[success] Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray believe that you have them, and you shall have them.[/success]

And the other side of this works too.  Keep telling yourself the same old story of what’s wrong, why you can’t have or be what you want and you can be sure it’ll stay away.  Maybe it’s time to check our story lines before the year gets any older.  What’s your favourite one?  What’s the one you tell yourself, and anyone else who’ll listen, over and over?  Are you arguing for your limitations?  Are you continually being self persuaded of why you can’t fulfill your dreams?  Then stop it.  Now.  You’re using the law of attraction ‘agin you.  Not helpful.

We’re surrounded by energy, by various frequencies and we have our very own signature energy.  One that’s uniqely ours.  And this and this alone determines the circumstances of our life.  This is what draws all the situations that make up our life.

As we keep our focus on experiencing our desire, this then becomes our dominant vibration (feeling),  our signature if you like.  Nothing we experience occurs unless and until we first have that inner feeling.  That’s the reason for having a daily aim for our thoughts to focus on.  Our life experience is being created within ourselves and then it’s projected outwards and our movie begins, or alters or by doing nothing new, it remains the same.  You choose.

[success] Feel the tones of reality that would be yours were you wedded to the state of your fulfilled desire. What would the feeling be like were you the person you would like to be? Feeling moves you from one state to another. ~ Neville[/success]

We must make our desire the dominant idea in our minds;  the idea from which the majority of our thoughts will flow.  It’s only through keeping our attention focused on the fulfillment of a desire that we generate the energy that reproduces this idea in our outer world.  If we let the outer world dominate our thinking, we’ll soon be vibrating with that energy.  It’ll become our signature vibration.

Don’t know about you, but a lot of what I see out there, doesn’t much look like experiences I want to have in my world.

I’m not saying its a snap…what I’m saying is..if this is what it takes to have the best life experience possible, why on earth wouldn’t it be my priority?

Whatever you want in this world, there is no power that can stop you from having it.  Oh wait a minute, there is something that’ll most definitely get in your way.  You.

Letting nothing distract you from the image that what you want is already yours, stick with it, in faith that it’s done, and it will be.  If anything appears that makes you think it can’t, it won’t happen, don’t accept it, simply live imaginatively, enjoying the fulfillment of your desire.  It must and will appear as an event or circumstance or person.  Because its all about your vibration of energy. You and only you are the power in your world.  Now isn’t that a piece of good news to start your day.

Filling your mind with thoughts of success, happiness, financial freedom, wisdom and peace is the only way to experience them more fully in your world.  After all the outer world is only revealing to us what we think, feel and believe…and because we’re so aware and awake, we can see exactly what that is!

I’m planning on keeping my attention firmly fixed on what I want, so my day is lovely, my week is lovely, my life is lovely.

What are you focused on today?

Encourage one another.

Love Elle

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Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. This reminds me of an idea that I recently heard. To stay focused on positive possibilities, ask yourself questions like “how could my life possibly be any better?” or “how could I be any more grateful for my life?” or my favorite “what if everything goes right today?”. If we ask ourselves these questions repeatedly, our brains will search for answers.

    Thanks for your always positive message Elle.

    Dan @ ZenPresence

    • Elle

      What great questions Dan. I’ve always liked to say to myself, what if everything were easy. And funnily enough (not really) it becomes so. 🙂

  2. Elle, oh such a wonderful way to remind us all to choose our priorities and trust the process. Thank you!

    • Elle

      Thanks Sandy – I think I write often to remind myself too! 🙂

  3. 22 degrees F and the sun rising on a cloudless morning and it seems easy
    To embrace this beingness concept and I used it as my meditation focus. Raining,dark and grey makes it feel like a workout! It is not easy – maybe for anyone. I do cherish the moments that are clear and bright. Thank you for sharing such good words for me to read and use.

    • Elle

      Love that idea of cherishing the clear, bright moments Patricia. Very poetic. And as I said to Sandy, as I write, I’m reminding myself of the state of mind I’m choosing to occupy and I’m truly happy that you can use my words. 🙂

  4. Elle
    You have a great capacity for condensing these life changing concepts into digestible pieces and for that i am extremely grateful! Thank you

    • Elle

      Why thank you for those kind words Sara. Much appreciated and I’m happy that I can help in my own little way. 🙂

  5. Hi Elle,

    Your post inspires me to keep focused on what I want. Good reminder. Love the term signature vibration. Putting our desires out there, brings back the results we are looking for. All the best!

    • Elle

      Thanks Cathy – it’s true we all need a reminder about where our focus is. I know I do. 🙂

  6. Hey Elle,

    A very inspiring post. I loved the line – “We have to let go of wanting things in order to have them”. I’m very lazy but this post just kicked my butt and made me start writing.

    I just want to write and make an ebook but laziness has been the negative energy for a long time.

    I cannot thank you enough, goes to show that your words are very powerful. Thanks so much!!


    • Elle

      Welcome to the conversation Aditya. How cool is that, I can’t wait to read your e-book. Keep us posted on your progress, another gift bestowed in my world, what a blessed woman I am. 🙂

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