I always wanted some magic words that if I used would fix or at least help with any worries, anxiety or troubles I was experiencing.

In the past I used to get thrown off balance by the stuff that happened in my life. Truth be told there are times when I still get thrown off balance, but much less frequently.

And I give much of the credit for this to Bob Proctor, who sadly recently passed away.

Twenty or more years ago I was asked by a friend if I wanted to participate in a year long program with Bob.

I’d never heard of him. But I trusted my friend, though I had to say I gulped more than once when I saw the cost!

In hindsight it wasn’t that much to pay for the ideas, information and encouragement that gave me a big push towards greater awareness and the ability to create a new life story.

 Of course I didn’t know that would be the outcome at the start but it felt right, plus I trusted my friend and so I was willing to buy in.

Stuck in a rut

At that point in my life I was doing okay, not super okay, but okay. 

I’d begun some life changes, which improved relationships and the self worth issues I’d lived with for so long. And those changes were definitely creating a richer, more fulfilling life.

I hadn’t started my blog or begun writing regularly at this point, despite being encouraged by all around me to do so. Write that is or teach in some form.

 In fact I hadn’t done much of anything new, when the information about Bob entered my realm of awareness.

I hadn’t landed in a ditch lately…figuratively speaking, not actually, but I was in sort of a rut. It felt like the ideal time to step out of the shadows and do something I loved. Learn something new.

I had found myself in that subtle way that we get stuck in a rut. We don’t feel outright bad, but we have that sense of not living a totally fulfilling life.

And that’s why Bob Proctor and I became acquainted via telephone and tele-classes, the then current form of communication. And from there comes the rest of my story. 

He led me to Neville Goddard, a mystic and spiritual author, and from this my awareness grew and continues to this day. 

Following this trajectory led me to discovering the concept of magic words…though it took a while! So a big shoutout to Bob Proctor for all the people in the world whose lives he touched and changed.

Turning a life around doesn’t come in a rush

Many accounts of spiritual awakening (which to me means greater awareness in living life) talk about bolts from the blue and spectacular insights.

I haven’t found my life progression to be anything remotely like that all. Though I confess that does sound nice.

So I say to you, don’t worry if greater understanding of life, doesn’t come to you in a rush of flashing lights where after that you have been totally transformed, as has your entire life.

My understanding and my experiences of higher levels of awareness have involved tiny increments that build upon each other like another brick in the wall!

If, like me you’re never been blessed with sudden leaps of awareness, it’s okay.  Sparks of insight, a glimmering of resonance like a far away light is enough.

Over time, ‘understanding’ creeps in.

It’s a little like learning a new language where word by word and sentence by sentence you grow your own level of understanding.

Now, you’re awakening and the right part of you is paying attention.

Where magic words come into play

Charles Haanel put it so well when he said:

There is a world within – a world of thought and feeling and power; of light and beauty, and although invisible, its forces are mighty. 

When I was growing up I was frequently told ‘telling stories’ wasn’t a good thing. But I want to talk about the telling of stories which not only is a good thing, but something that can totally turn your life around.

I’ve written about it before. But like all good things, repeating basic truths in many forms, definitely is a good thing. Even at the risk of repetition.  As a truth seeker I have long welcomed this aid to ensure my focus is on all things that might lead me to expanding my awareness of life and how best to live it.

Magic words and magic stories

If you’re ready to make astonishing things happen try this.

Pick a story, that you would love to be true and start telling it to yourself. Magic stories are simply a collection of magic words that allow you to speak your new story into existence.

Speak the story to yourself as if it were actually true, and feel the reality of it.

By simply doing this you are literally talking yourself into the life you want.

And don’t allow the thinking mind, your intellectual mind step in to ridicule your story, to judge you, or to persuade you that this is a stupid enterprise. That’s what it always does, try to step in and take over the show, before the finale.

Old stories could have cost me my life

Many years ago I was diagnosed with a disease of the esophagus. It was pre-cancerous, but if left untreated could and most likely would lead to full blown cancer with little chance of survival.  I hope that isn’t the case for people today, but I can’t speak to that.

We tried all the usual medications, none of which seemed to work and many of which created new health challenges.

Through all this time my stories were all doom and gloom. It never occurred at the outset to tell myself a better, more positive story filled with magic words of healing and health. 

Looking back I don’t think I was aware enough to do this. And each time I experienced a pain or some other issue relating to the disease, my stories were, to put it mildly pessimistic and totally devoid of hope.

The turnaround

I can’t remember how, but I heard or read something about taking control of the voice in my head.

That was, at that time a mind-blowing concept. It appeared that every time I told myself these negative stories, more negative thoughts would stop by and join in, until I was wallowing in misery.  A state of mind I frequently occupied.

As I contemplated these ideas it occurred to me that if this was the case, then I had likely talked myself into the life I was living right now.  I couldn’t see the exact connection and it was a long time after this that I realized the biggest part of story telling consisted of the energy we step into with each tale we tell.

But understanding came much much later.

For now, I was excited to begin my new story about my health.

This is what I did

I consciously began talking myself into my future, making it a future of my choosing.

Beginning to manage the thoughts in my head wasn’t easy, but since it felt that my life depended on it, I wasn’t going to give up.

I deliberately spoke positive words to myself. Not out loud, but in my head. I stuck to stories that may have used different magic words, but had the same tone and energy and I found that this way I was generating new thoughts in line with my new positive stories.

Even when it was hard not to find myself repeating the old story of disaster I managed to nudge my thoughts in the direction I needed them to go.

Even after each visit to the doctor’s office where he would tell me my condition wasn’t any better. In my mind I gave him new stories to tell me! 

I had discovered a new tool and I was doing with it what I did with every new tool in my journey to greater awareness, I practiced it.

Not for just a week.

Oh no…that wasn’t enough for me. I intended to do with this new idea what I do with everything that I take on board to better my life, I was going to capitalize on it. I was going to continue repeating my new stories until they manifested in my life.

Magic stories became my constant companion

And it didn’t matter much what words I used. My goal was to stick with magic words to create some magical healing in my world.

I reached the point where, with each visit to the doctor, I would hear him say, something, anything other than it isn’t getting any better.

And he did, on one visit he said it isn’t any better, but it isn’t getting worse.

Brilliant. That’s what I had been hearing him say for months.

Now I wanted to hear him say it’s a miracle!  Why not?  I’m a believer!

I began to notice less pain or discomfort. I began to stop looking for natural cures, unless my stories impelled me to do so, because I knew that’s how consciousness worked. New ideas, new stories impel us to take new actions.

I stuck with my miracle stories.

My Christmas miracle

It was the week before Christmas and I’d recently had the tests that had become a part of my life and I was sitting in the doc’s office awaiting the results. Imagining my miracle stories being true.

In he walked, not speaking. He opened his file and turned to me and said “I’ve never seen anything like this in my forty years of being a doctor. No-one has ever turned this around without medication.  It’s a miracle.”

And there it was, my Christmas miracle. Honestly I was so taken aback I couldn’t speak. Somehow the reality was far more jaw-dropping than the ideas I’d held in my mind.

I’d imagined him saying this or something similar countless times, and here it was.

Nevertheless when the news came, I was still incredulous, or maybe I was struck with awe at the fact that this tool I’d been using for something that to the outside world would appear too momentous to overcome actually did work.

Magic words don’t have to be perfect nor do they need to be used only for humongous desires

If you’re new to this concept, try it with the simple things first, they are likely to come a little easier and a damn site quicker.

Just know that when some of the stories you tell yourself about yourself and your world aren’t beneficial you can change them.

Using magic words for a more positive slant on the world…the story where you are your own hero…tends to bring about more successful experiences.

The words don’t have to be perfect.

Don’t waste your time looking for a perfectly worded story. All and any words that work for you are the ones that count.

The only magic words that can turn your life around are your own. Not those you might find on the internet, not mine, not those of your partner or friend.

Magic words or stories can change from moment to moment. In one instance you might find your new story to be entirely different from the one you spoke to yourself last time. No matter, provided the energy remains the same.

These are not affirmations. Just positive stories that replace the negative ones you’ve been repeating.

Complaining by the way is a negative story.

Once you start speaking magic words to yourself, along with magic stories, your life shifts direction. You’re heading down a new path, one that’s taking you to a life that’s been turned around.

It’s simply all about choosing your words and stories as opposed to letting your thoughts run on autopilot.

And no-one knows better than I that this doesn’t come easy. We’re on a thought loop from yesterday or maybe even years ago, depending on what you’d like to turn about. But just as the tortoise got there in the end, so can we. Slowly, slowly, magic word by magic word and magic story by magic story will get you there.

Once a day makes a difference and as I said earlier these thoughts build on one another until they become part of you.

All you have to do is begin.

Simple words or stories can have the most profound effect, so look for the gold. Find the most positive magic words you can say and keep on doing it. 


Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. I LOVE this, Elle. The stories we tell ourselves have power and can help or hurt us. Our thoughts can even change our brains, cells, and genes. I choose to help myself! I am thrilled to hear how successful your magic words were for you. I’m going to start using mine today!

    • Hi Debbie – so happy you are going to use your magic words, may they bring you incredible happiness and success. 🙂

  2. Tani Collins

    Ms. Sommer good afternoon. I totally love your writing and love it, you have become a hero for me and your words have helped me on so many occasions. I truly believe you are a kindred spirit to me and so many others, I hope one day perhaps we will meet so I may thankyou in person.
    Have a Blessed day,
    Tani Collins

    • Hi Tani – thank you for your very kind words. You have made my day. I am so grateful to know that my words are of help to you…making a difference is my mission. Once again thank you. 🙂

  3. Love the magic in this article Elle. So beautifully shared too. I am all for deliberate positivity so this is right in that zone for me. Thank you!

    • Hi Zeenat – it’s no surprise that you are in this zone, you are a positivity guru. 🙂

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