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Sitting watching kids at play in the park I was struck by their use of imagination.  Imagination is the heart of who they are…and truth be told it’s the heart of who you are…who I am.

But for young children it’s a smooth easy flowing experience that’s as natural as breathing.  One minute they’re pirates afloat on a stormy sea, the next super heroes, rescuing the world from it’s latest peril.

They float between the worlds of imagination and reality with ease.  Us grownups, not so much.

Whatever happened?  Wherever did all that creative imagination go?  For some of us it was stifled, and ended up in a power suit and sent into the world of ‘serious business’.  But mostly, at some point we simply stopped seeing ourselves as imaginative, creative beings.

I recently read of a study that showed that ninety per cent of seven year olds saw themselves as creative but only seven per cent of twenty year olds thought the same thing.  What’s up with that?  How did that happen?

To be imaginative…

We must be like those seven year olds and believe we are.  To be creative, we must believe that’s who we are.  Everything we currently are is because we believe it to be true.  Doesn’t have to be true, we just have to believe it.  I love imagination it’s so full of…anything I want.  Sadly mine has some stuff in it that I really don’t want anymore. Does yours?

Imagination creates reality. ~ Richard Wagner

It’s one of the most fantastic things about us

William Blake called it the very gateway of reality.  By imagination we have the power to transform our life, our world.  And when it becomes stilted and a little lost to us for whatever reason, our progress also becomes stilted and slower and harder.  And we make it more difficult still because all the old stuff we’ve imagined, that we no longer want, that no longer brings us a happy fulfilled life, is still there, like a magnet, attracting life.

Nothing is impossible to your imagination, how can it be…it’s unlimited. Anything you can imagine can be achieved.  Whatever your goals or desires are, harness your imagination to them and you’ll be amazed at the heights you can reach.  But it requires a disciplined imagination to succeed.

Jeannie’s story

Jeannie worked for a highly successful hotel and nightclub owner.  He wasn’t always successful…it hadn’t been an easy road for him.  But here he was and there Jeanne was.  She decided she was going to be just like him, so she began to pay attention to what he did and how he did it.

She spent years emulating her boss and I’d love to be able to tell you that she became as successful as he.  Didn’t happen.  She was paying attention to the wrong aspect of who the man was.  It wasn’t his actions she needed to emulate it was his point of view, the inner mental conversations he had with himself, the beliefs he held…in fact everything that made up his imagination.

Now if she’d simply imagined she was as successful as he was and pictured herself right into that role…who knows where that would have taken her…but we can be pretty sure it’d be somewhere good, even great.  Can’t we?

Choosing what’s right for you

We must imagine ourselves right into the experience we desire.  Imagination is the golden key that unlocks the door to prosperity, success, love, in fact everything our heart’s desire.  If we want a better attitude we can imagine we have one.  If we want to be more productive we can imagine that we are.  If we want to be better organized ~ hmmm this one is for me ~ we can imagine we are.

Inside every adult there’s still a child that lingers. We’re happiness merchants – giving people the opportunity to dream like children.  ~ Guy Laliberte.

We experience our heart’s desire through the use of our imagination.

If you want a new and different life the first thing to be done is to live it in imagination.  Not how it happened, but right at the end of the experience.

Let’s say you have a dream house in mind, one that’s ideal for you.  Imaginally, see yourself sitting somewhere in the house enjoying everything about it; maybe you’re sitting outside training birds to sing….probably not…there’s only one ding-a-ling here and that’s not you.

It all worked out so well, you can hardly remember how you got there, or what steps you took but you are glad you did and a feeling of gratitude is yours as you look around your beautiful home.  That’s using creative imagination at it’s best, to fulfill a dream.

How about a promotion, can you imagine being congratulated, can you sit at your new desk, can you feel how thrilled you are?  Of course you can.  You can imagine anything you want.  But will you?

As you use your imagination, make sure that you are actually performing the action, hearing the words, touching the object, or smelling the fragrance. Use as many senses as feel normal. It’s much more than seeing something with your mind’s eye, like a daydream.  You must enter the dream as if you were actually there, seeing it as something happening right now.

Whether it be for a new home, successful career, greater health, financial freedom, your last and best romance – any and all of these desires can be lived in, your thoughts dominated by your ideal life.

Picasso said “Everything you can imagine is real.”   Sounds to me as if the man knew a little something about creative imagination.  He knew that a picture, sustained in our imagination would have to manifest in our outer physical world.  That’s what made him Picasso.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle.



Elle Sommer
Elle Sommer is the author of the Mindset Mastery Series and when she's not searching for the secrets of the Universe or discovering a new technique that supports her growth and life expansion, she's on a mission to support others to become the best version of themselves. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to build the business, relationships and life they want.


  1. Elle,
    I really needed this today as I’m trying to be creative! I’m also working on a post about 5 year olds. Can I reference you on that post? Love your quotes, too!!

    • Elle Reply

      Go right ahead Betsy. Can’t wait to read your post, I always love to read your wise words. 🙂

  2. This is so true. Our subconscious minds don’t know what to go after without a vision. It’s up to our conscious minds to create the vision we want and plant it in our subconscious. If we don’t do this consciously, our subconscious mind grabs onto the old visions and patterns that are already there and keeps delivering what we already have.

    I love watching how creative and imaginative my little kids can get!

    • Elle Reply

      Absolutely Paige. You know how this stuff works in spades. 🙂

    • Elle Reply

      I like that David, a key ingredient to full living. Yes, and yes again. 🙂

  3. Hi Elle,

    Well you are exactly right. And since everything is ending over here, and there is many a good dream to be dreamt, I’d better get to it, hadn’t I?

  4. Joseph Appaloosa Reply

    Imagination is the most powerful substance in this world (and probably many others as well). Without it, nothing was made that was not made – to paraphrase the “Good Book”.
    Another excellent article, thank you !
    Write on, Elle !

  5. As far as where adults lose their imagination, I think it can be strongly attributed to our education system. Sir Ken Robinson covers the topic pretty well. Our education system is left brain designed and creates left brain thinking. With all our education through at least 21, we have pretty much unschooled ourselves of the natural creativity we have.

    • Elle Reply

      I read that too Wendy and find it really great that as we become aware that our imagination is still available to us, we can tap back into what is at the heart of us. Love this conversation. 🙂

  6. that’s so right
    sometimes i get solutions to tough problems after i spend some time alone visualizing the problem

    • Elle Reply

      Thanks for contributing to the conversation Farouk, lovely to have you stop by. It’s so true how when we let go of how or what we need to do, everything begins to flow so much more easily. More on that in a post coming soon!

  7. Elle….As always, such a thoughtful and ‘common sense’ post…which is all too common. I just finished reading Anita Moorjani’s book on her near death experience and how learning to surrender was what brought her back to this life….and living a rich, creative, conscious, and non-fearful existence.

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