Do you believe that you are strong enough to overcome any obstacle? That given the right opportunities you could be unstoppable?

Or maybe you were fed a steady diet of disempowering stories about yourself as a child.

Maybe you believe that you’re not smart enough or capable enough.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to do something, but feel held back by the fear of failure and ridicule.

Maybe you’ve never put a stake in the ground and resolved to follow through on something you really want.

You keep succumbing to the stories in your head that say, “You’re not worthy” or “You’re selfish.” Deep down, you know these stories are false but you struggle to break free.

You have a string of abandoned projects, unrealized dreams, and dashed hopes. Making it hard to be unstoppable, despite your resolve.

And yet, in spite of this, or maybe because of it, desire burns deep within you…

Your secret desires

Most of us have been socialized to view desires as something bad, often linked with addictive or unhealthy behavior. But desire is essentially a fact of human existence that can be channeled in healthy ways.

What do you desire?

A better career?

A fulfilling relationship?

Financial freedom?

How do you relate to these desires? Do you entertain them or do you dismiss them as quickly as they come?

If you’re restless with the desire to make a positive change in your life, the good news is that you can.

Cultivating unstoppable resolve

If you’re tired of playing it safe, if you desire to challenge yourself by going after the things you truly want, then start with these steps:

  1. Accept where you are now

For many of us, our desires serve as means of escape from our current problems. This makes sense and is perfectly natural.

However, if our primary motivation is to run away from our lives, we can quickly falter in our resolve.

Why? Because we can’t outrun our problems. They’ll follow us wherever we go and threaten any future success.

For instance, if someone is seeking a new relationship in order to erase the memories of a bad one, those memories will wreak havoc on any future relationship unless they are dealt with.

A person in such a situation must first fully accept the loss they have suffered before attempting to move.

With any setback, before resolving to move on, take time to grieve the loss. Cry. Laugh. Talk to a friend or therapist.

  1. Make a clear decision

Ever wondered why making decisions can be so hard? The reason becomes clearer when we explore the etymology of the word. It literally means “to cut off.”

When you decide, you’re effectively cutting off or saying no to every other option. It’s nice to live in a world of infinite possibilities until you realize that it gets you nowhere.

In order to start making positive movement toward the thing you desire, you must decide this is what you want.

If you want to become a writer, decide today that you are a writer even if you don’t feel like one. If you’re ready to explore your next dream career, decide to send out ten applications by the end of the week.

  1. Reframe rejection and adversity

This is where the real challenge begins because, as stated before, it’s likely the anticipation of rejection and adversity that have kept you from resolving to pursue your dreams will certainly not give you the fuel you need to become unstoppable.

If you’ve been “playing it safe” you know that’s a losing strategy because rejection and adversity hit us all.

Would you rather experience adversity doing things you’d rather not do?

Instead of doing all you can to avoid rejection and adversity, see them as integral steps along the way to getting what you want.

If you follow these three steps, you can begin to cultivate unstoppable resolve. You’ll learn to trust your healthy desires, accept yourself, make courageous decisions, and make progress toward your goals, even when obstacles arise.

In a word, you’ll have become unstoppable.


Cylon is a spiritual chaplain, musician, devoted husband, and busy dad of seven. He blogs about practical spiritual tips for living well at Spiritual Living For Busy People - sign up and get his free guide 20 Little Tricks To Instantly Improve Your Mood Even If You Feel Like Punching Something (or Someone) You can also purchase his book Self-Love: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally

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