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[success]A tree that reaches past your embrace grows from one small seed. ~ Lao Tzu[/success]

I’m writing this on the 23rd August…it won’t get published until next week…but I just realized today is my two year anniversary.  My very first post was published on the 23rd August 2011, and no, I wouldn’t go back and look at it if I were you…let’s simply say I’ve evolved as a blogger and leave it where it belongs…in the past.

I’ve been at this for two whole years and it’s mind boggling.  Actually it’s more than mind boggling, it’s become a part of what I do, of who I am.  And it got me thinking that this is how we set up our life, in every area.  We become one with what we consistently and repeatedly do.

Aristotle was right…repetition is a creative state…imagine that.

If you’d asked me when I first started to blog if discipline was a part of my character I’d undoubtedly have said not on your blooming nellie…or some such equally charming British phrase.  (A little mockery never goes amiss.)

But it’s become a part of me, at least in this arena.  Put me in close proximity to an English tea, complete with scones and cream and strawberry jam and discipline would probably take a flying leap out of the window, but in the writing arena I’ve developed discipline.

Without even noticing it, I’ve been developing myself, changing my self image and the concepts I hold about who I am…or who I was.

Who we are vibrates at a unique frequency that resonates throughout the entire universal matrix of energy, creating matching events and experiences. How we see ourselves matters a lot, and we can’t ignore it…well we can if we don’t mind the repeat and rinse cycle of our life.

The biggest challenge for us all is that our current self concept, our current paradigm tells us we can’t do it differently. Our multitude of thought habits have a way of keeping us stuck doing the same old things.  Not surprising really since we have the same old beliefs.

Somewhere along the way, as I persevered and wrote consistently…daily in the beginning…my thoughts about who I was changed.  I would like to claim it was deliberate, but that’s not the truth…I became more disciplined because I was being someone different and discipline was the icing on the cake.  The more I wrote, the more disciplined I became.

The underlying desire was to use my experiences and what I’d learned and continue to learn to be supportive and encouraging of others. So I began to write. I was doing something I loved, on a topic I loved.

An unexpected act of creativity that changed the person I was and consequently changed the life I lived.


Choice is the way we journey through our daily life. But is it unconscious? Probably some of the time.  If we get too busy, we’re likely to be making unconscious choices, which means our previous programming is choosing on our behalf.  Not always the best thing.

Think about it for a minute, if our programming consists of keeping us safe because we’re afraid, or we’re worried then chances are our choices from this mind set won’t be for our highest and best.

If we view choice as an act of creativity through which our destiny is unfolding, we’re more likely to be a conscious chooser.  Choice is the way we express our beingness in the world.

Neville says:  Abide in a state that you’ve chosen until your whole being is permeated with it and you will reap its reward.

How do we do that?

A good place to start might be awareness. Awareness that every time you think of your current reality, you reinforce it.  Which is fine if you’re liking it.

By the same token, every time you think of an imaginal reality you’re feeding that. By running thoughts of our imagined reality round and round in our mind we begin to occupy a state of personal power. Use your imagination not to conserve what you already have, but to create something new.

Create your own perfect inner world and think from it, view the world from it and keep doing it and soon the lovely inner world you have occupied will be displayed for the rest of us to see.  Gotta like that.

We live a temporary reality

We also know we become whatever we consistently think about ourselves and others.  Our world is only a temporary reality held in place as we reinforce it through our thoughts and feelings and our reactions to everything.  So another step is to make sure we consistently think and feel great things about ourselves and everyone else.

Choose a phrase or two to remind you of how fantastic you are at something, it can be anything.  I make a great omelette would work, honestly it doesn’t matter, what matters is putting yourself into a vibration of feeling good about yourself.

Replace self criticism with gratitude. Choose confidence over worry and turn fear into faith and you’ve become proactive in setting up your new reality.  Another easy way towards creative living.

Change your mood

We can’t keep the present level of being, can’t keep the old reactions, can’t hang onto the way we’ve thought before.  If you really want to experience a different life, a different world YOU have to be different, its the only way.

You have to turn away from the dominant mood that governs your current actions and reactions to life.  Turn away from the current thoughts and feelings.  This means dying to the old state by keeping your attention on the new one as much as possible; it means doing the inner work.

We must do the work.

The rewards are huge.

Be on guard

If you aren’t on guard you can be persuaded by what you see on tv, or read in the press to change your concept of yourself, to move into a mental state that can draw the dross of life to your doorstep.  Me, I’d sooner have the gold…just saying.

Don’t accept anything you don’t want, just say no thanks and move on.

I learned first hand that daily programming is the creator of my reality.  Through the thoughts and attitudes that I had when I first started writing, came the actions I took.

Think about applying this to any aspect of your life.  If you would but master the art of practice…and as you can see from my little ‘aha’ it doesn’t have to be something huge, a simple practice will do…you’ll find yourself creating life changing habits in an easy and effortless way.

I didn’t even intend to create a practice, I just intended to start a little blog to share some simple ideas, and easy steps that cost us very little and yet make a huge difference in our world.

We set in motion some powerful forces with the choices we make…intentionally or not, and since today is your point of power and your future is unfolding from the daily choices you make, make a choice to have a daily practice focused on something yummy.

We all have an amazing mind.  If we tune into these easy and maybe unexpected creative practices and develop them we can accomplish incredible things.

Now I have a question for YOU. Are you aware of any creative practices that, looking back on, changed your life?

Do you have any specific strategies you can share that help?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

As always, thank you for reading and sharing…

Encourage one another.

Love Elle


Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Hi Elle! Congratulations on your 2 Year Anniversary! I am just slightly ahead of you on time length and completely agree that it is an amazing journey of self discovery. I also appreciate your comments on creativity and discipline. I’ve been writing for long enough to realize that so much about writing is something like the saying, 1% inspiration and 99% persistence. And amazingly, the more we stick at it…the better we become in the process. Glad to be here to help you celebrate and look forward to another year of growth and possibility! ~Kathy

    • Elle

      Thanks Cathy…and congrats to you. You speak truth my friend…persistence brings it all into being. 🙂

  2. “We must do the work.” That’s really at the crux of it isn’t it, Elle? Blogging, for sure, has changed my life. I also meditate everyday, which has gradually brought so much positive change into my life.

    • Elle

      Thanks for stopping by Sandra. And I totally get what you’re saying about meditation. Going into the silence for a period of time every day is renewing and replenishing for our spirit. At least in my world. 🙂

  3. Linda Miller

    what a wonderful journey you are on Elle
    thank you for all your insight and inspiration and guidance

    you are wonderful and amazing !!

    • Elle

      Awww Linda…you touch my heart with your kind, uplifting and oh so encouraging words. I humbly thank you. 🙂

  4. Congratulations Elle,
    I am so happy you did sart blogging and this post shares your joy and creativity.Plus the delight of meeting you and your blog.
    I have many creative incidents that have changed me , the most recent one was Starting my prescription series prompted by Angela Artemis to start a prescription painting series back in April 2011, which then led to my Healing Heart series that has become my weekly heart whisper ezine.
    Creativity open out hearts to joy 🙂

    • Elle

      And Suzie your paintings are absolutely fabulous. They light up my life each time I see one…no wonder they led to your weekly heart whispers. It’s so true that creativity opens our hearts to joy. 🙂

  5. Dearest Elle, Congratulations! I, for one, am definitely glad you continued to blog because I love what you say and the way you say it. You are absolutely right about the discipline part. It is amazing how we evolve subconsciously growing, both as writers and as individuals.
    I remember when I started blogging, I did not think. I simply posted whatever was on my mind when I signed in. Over the years, I’ve been advised to remove old posts that don’t make sense or add value. I did not listen to that advice, because I enjoy seeing them and how I’ve come ahead from that place.
    What creative practices have I learned, that have served me well? The internet is a huge distraction and more so as much of my work involves being online. So I use technology that cuts these distractions and lets me focus on what I must do and helps me manage my time better. I am not always successful, but I allow myself to slack off occasionally. I prefer to shut down my system and go for a walk with my camera – there are multiple benefits in this – exercise, happiness booster, perspective changer and mood equalizer. I also cook something, the feeling of creating something is amazing followed by the appreciation of my folks. I also sketch and draw – seeing something take shape is so fulfilling. Then there’s always housework. The trick is to tune out the outside noise by replacing it with an enjoyable activity that does not result in guilt (I am NOT counting chocolate cake here.).
    I love the look of your newsletter, did I tell you? Love, Vidya

    • Elle

      Dear Vidya, I for one am happy you discounted the naysayers and left your blog as it is with every post…it’s such a blessing to be able to actually see our evolution. And I’m also glad that one of your prescriptions for creativity is taking your camera for a walk. Just love to see your photographs on your site. Often something mouthwateringly good to eat, and otherwise a glimpse into the world that is Vidya. 🙂

  6. Elle-
    What a feat of ‘Elleness’ sticking with the blog for 2 years and transforming pieces of yourself as you transformed your blog into what it is now – flowing inspirational, focused, well crafted prose.

    I’m a firm believe in Malcom Gladwells’ 10,000 hours of before coming a master. After 2 years of day in and day out writing, you certainly have made some significant inroads.

    I agree that discipline is important….without the cake will never bake. BUT I’ve also observed my children, myself, and dozens of others in process and feel this to be true – that if we follow our nose, we’ll find our passions. And that’s where the discipline needs to take place. Not to bother wasting it on other things that don’t matter – especially as we grow older.
    A big thank you for all of the words of wisdom you have shared with me and continue to do so. Your voice is an important and unique one- xxoo-Fran

    • Elle

      I like the idea of following our nose Fran…I think often, as was the case with me, discipline is an offshoot of that. We do something that brings us pleasure and before too long we’ve become disciplined in our actions. I so agree that doing it the other way around is 1. no fun. 2.hard. 3…can’t think of 3 offhand but I’m sure there is one. And thanks Fran for your kind and encouraging words. I appreciate them…and you. 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday to “Reflecting a Life” and to the new you! You consistently remind me to take my focus off what I don’t want. I needed to hear it again today. I’ve been stuck for the last couple. I’m going out for a run, it’s 5 am. You’re right the results are huge from well thought out choices. Hope you’re celebrating this major milestone! xox

    • Elle

      You know what they say Tess…we write/teach what it is we need to remember ourselves! It’s on ongoing practice..and I’m glad I’m able to remind you too…and to say I’m impressed at you running at 5am would be an understatement. Talk about the bold get going. 🙂

  8. Congrats, dear Elle! Thank you for your awesome blog and for being there to encourage, reminding us of fundamentals that are lost in this low-vibrating world (good thing it is slowly getting higher). We do indeed need to reflect upon life, because it is not as it seems.

    I would also like to add that part of self-development is not hanging out with those who discourage you and with those who remember you as you were. These two categories of people won’t help in your evolution to become who you want to be, so it is best to keep away until you are fully into your new self and then they won’t be able to influence you.

    And, of course faith. Faith that everything will work out, it will all fall into place and knowledge that you are never alone. You always have source/force/ether.

    • Elle

      Hello A and thanks for your insights…I like what you say…and you’re so right about faith. It’s an often forgotten element in using our inner powers. 🙂

  9. Elle, I love that one little line “We must do the work”. That’s it. You were wise to write just that. That is a great statement. All the mental construction, all the creative processes are for naught if we do not “do the work” to bring it into form.
    You an never win the lottery, no matter how much you imagine doing so, unless you buy a ticket. You can never have your dream home unless you take the imaginary home out of mind and on to a blueprint and hire a contractor to build it for you.

    • Elle

      Thanks for your thoughts Dore. Although the work I was talking about was the inner work, which of course leads us to take whatever action is necessary. Without the inner work, trying to change our experiences is like pushing water uphill…or some such expression. 🙂

  10. Elle,
    Congratulations on two years! I am so happy for you! What a journey it’s been, and selfishly speaking I am thrilled you took up blogging because I have learned just so much from you since I’ve come to know you. I always know that I will receive some wisdom and guidance as I make my journey toward being a better me. I can definitely say that a lot of my growth and insight has come thanks to you. Here’s to many more. 🙂

    • Elle

      Wow Victor…you touch my heart with your words. I am truly happy that any little thing I can share is encouraging and supportive as we all grow together. You bless me. Thank you. 🙂

  11. Happy Blog-i-versary Elle,
    I was just contemplating that I am coming up on 4 years. Pretty amazing! I feel like you that I never could have known what was in store for me and all the lessons I’d learn.
    Thanks for sharing… as usual you always hit things right on the nose! Keep on writing and creating!

    • Elle

      How wonderful Betsy…four years…wow. I for one am happy you’re still writing…the energy on your blog is bright and shiny and I love visiting you there. 🙂

  12. happy belated congratulations! I’m so glad I found your blog and thankful for the continued inspiration, clarity and growth in my life from your wise words, Elle 🙂

    I used to write occasionally but now much more regular with my blog. I would say that’s changed my life because of the people I’ve met, knowledge I’ve learned from others and improvements I’ve made to my life. thanks again!

    • Elle

      Awww thanks Vishnu for your kind words. They fill my heart. And it’s so true what you say about the amazing people you meet through blogging and there’s always something new and wonderful to learn. 🙂

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