Are you predominantly left or right brained?

I love this little video.  Most people will see the dancer turning anti-clockwise which indicates left brain thinking.  These are the logical, strategic, reality based thinkers.  For those of you, like me, who see her turning clockwise, we are the right brained ones, the impetuous, imaginative risk-takers.

Many of my friends and family can switch her at will,  which leads me to wonder if there’s something not quite right about me because I can only get her to change directions with a lot of effort.


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  1. admin

    It takes me A LOT of effort to switch her as well!

  2. Love this…I remembe when I first saw this…I became really good at changing the girls direction. Not so good now…must practice more I guess. Love your site!

    • Elle

      Thanks Susan. I’m still not so good at changing direction either, it takes me a while!

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