It sounds utopian, doesn’t it?

The idea of developing morning habits that put you in the same league as the most productive people on this planet.

Yet, truth be told, for most of us, our mornings feel anything but productive. Some may prefer to stay in bed a few more hours instead of getting started on their day. Some may simply find it hard to even get started once they’re up!

Fortunately, you can learn to become a productive morning person. These 3 morning habits can help you become super productive.

1. Develop an effective routine

According to a famous study by psychologist Roy Baumeister, you have a limited amount of willpower every day.

Making mundane decisions in the morning will take a toll on it later in the day.

That’s why you need a tried and tested routine to minimize your decision-making in the morning.

But what does an effective morning routine look like?

Most successful people have specific routines they follow every day, which you can draw inspiration from, because these 3 morning habits can help you become super productive.

For example:

* Arianna Huffington starts her day with meditation and yoga.

* Jeff Bezos eats a healthy breakfast with his family.

* Oprah Winfrey starts her day with an hour at the gym.

Having an effective routine is powerful and will often help you get your life in the perfect order. Don’t have one yet? Perhaps it’s time to create some.

2. Put first things first

Want to know the issue at the very heart of becoming super productive? It’s simply putting first things first.

Think about it: most of the time we feel torn by the things we want to do, challenged by the responsibility.

We struggle day to day with how to make the best use of our time.

The problems arise when we sense a gap between what we are doing and the result we are achieving.

We simply do not take the time to do what really matters most.

If you want to be super productive through your day, you must learn how to put first things first because you see, the enemy of best is good.


You must never allow good things to stop you from taking action on what matter most or is best.

Simply ask yourself, what can I take action on now to feel the sense of fulfillment?

* Spending time with your family

* Building a relationship

* Taking time to appreciate someone who has done something great for you.

Whatever it is, make it the first on your agenda. Start your day by putting this first thing first – accomplish this task.

Do that now and see how happy and productive you will become.

3. Give yourself a pep talk

Steve Jobs had a habit of starting the day by standing in front of a mirror and asking himself:

“If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?”

This is an excellent way to ensure that you’re keeping up with your goals. After all, your mornings are the best time to set the pace for the rest of the day and for your life.

Granted, creating successful morning habits requires persistence. But once you have them working for you, you’ll always be on top of things.

Just think about it: if you set the space where you can thrive from the start, you’re positioning yourself for success.

And you’ll never again have trouble starting your day productively. Sound good?

Let me know in the comments below if you have any morning habits that create a happy productive day…you might have some ideas that the rest of us could use.



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