[success] Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. ~ John Lennon [/success]

Have you heard of Findhorn, the Scottish (naturally) Foundation which is an experiment in conscious living and growing?

It’s the place where they use the power of love and encouragement…a bit like us here…but they use it to grow outsize vegetables and plants in less than hospitable ground.  They’re famous for their forty pound cabbages…yep you read right…that’s forty pounds and they do it all by co-creating with nature. By means of nature and spirit.

Most gardeners and those who spend time daily with plants will probably tell you about the consciousness of plants.

Which doesn’t come as any surprise to us now does it?  We know that EVERYTHING is consciousness. Consciousness is the cause and the substance of it all.

We’re all discovering the power of our imagination and how our thoughts and feelings and ideas translate into what we call the real world.  Because our inner and outer world are made up of the same substance…consciousness.  This is the core, the truth of our being.

We think in secret and our secrets are manifested right before our very eyes.

I got little glimpses into my own consciousness this week, one idea somewhat better than the other.  Here’s a sampling of how consciousness operates in my world…

Some time last year I said to my Darling One,  I notice there’s always extra police officers sitting on the side of the road around the end of the month.  And decided it was a means to fill the coffers with parking tickets.  Or maybe they needed to have a number of traffic stops a month.  I didn’t really know, I was just making up something plausible.

Note that well.  I was just making stuff up. I didn’t have a ‘fact’ to back it up.  I merely accepted it as true, despite the fact that I’d made it up.

And I had that thought on an off, nothing very powerful, hmmm.

Yesterday my made up thought came home to roost.  I was stopped by said police officers and issued a ticket by a very nice officer, with a very high price on it…and I honestly didn’t even know I’d done anything wrong.  It turned out I missed the sign that said no u-turns.  The officer said it was yay big and I wasn’t going to argue with him.  Who knew what else was in my consciousness that might show up!

Driving away, I said to myself, I didn’t literally mean that they’d stop me…but since we’re all one…is it really a surprise?  I don’t think so.

Interesting isn’t it that something that I didn’t know for sure was true, but I accepted that it was, came into being.  And we all do this all the time.  Hopefully you’re doing it for something you actually want in your world.

Was that the only energy I was vibrating with to draw that particular experience into my life?

No, because otherwise everyone who believed as I believed, and it turned out I was definitely not alone in that one, would have the same experience and clearly they don’t.

I’d found myself a little anxious and worried earlier in the week = low vibration, and Jupiter simply aligned with Mars and there I was in alignment with being issued a ticket.  Aargh.

I knew it was time for me to make up some different thoughts about driving and police offers and trouble.  Just in case Jupiter and Mars get together again.  I’m not one to go looking for trouble on purpose.

Second story:

Last week I had my annual mammogram…sorry fellas…if it’s too much girly stuff you can move on to the next paragraph.  Turned out I had to be sent for a diagnostic one and possibly an ultrasound, because something didn’t look right.  I had five days to stay in the consciousness of a happy outcome.

So after my initial OMG, and a little worrying, I did just that, focused on the experience I wanted, regularly, consistently and with lots of feeling.  End result, my new buddy who was taking the pictures, showed me what was on the original x-ray, and she couldn’t replicate it.

Whatever it was, and it was most certainly there on the original, it wasn’t there any more.  That’s an outcome I’ll take any day.

Funnily enough, not only had I focused consistently on my happy outcome, but after speaking encouraging words to a very young and very worried girl, way, way too young to be at this diagnostic clinic, I’d invested my waiting time in her happy outcome too.

Loving healing for another = high vibration – add to that an investment in love for my body, another high vibration and my outcome was as I imagined.

In consciousness, we don’t say I’m going to be…we say I AM.  We’re moving from wanting to having and it’s done in secret, through spiritual means within.

Our imagination is ours to do with as we will.  Life doesn’t unfold willy nilly it’s always going to unfold according to our consciousness.  It unfolds in tune with the vibration of energy we’re operating from.  So don’t be saying…I think I’ll just let life happen.  It doesn’t ‘just happen’ it happens as a result of your ideas, your feelings, your consciousness.

We think in secret.  It comes to pass.  We take a look at the reflection of our consciousness and tweak if necessary.

Lift up your consciousness to the new state of being you desire, the wonderful celebration of who you are and that new state will be reflected in your outer world.  Whatever it is.  Be the captain of your ship, the guardian of your soul.

What’s in your imagination is what’s showing up.  Your secret thoughts are showing up.  You don’t even have to share them with anyone. Life doesn’t unfold without your input.

We’re all co-creating with nature, with the Universe, and the more we deliberately use our imagination the easier it becomes to see life unfolding as we would wish.

[success] Imagination grows by exercise, and contrary to popular belief, is more powerful in the mature than the young. ~ W. Somerset Maugham [/success]

We as individuals as well as communities grow spiritually in direct proportion to our highest ideals.  Findhorn grew because of the spiritual, intuitive commitment to co-create with nature.

It’s as true for you as it is for me.  Choose the highest ideal for yourself that you can imagine and you’ll find yourself elevated to heights you might not have seen as possible.

Oh, and if you discover you’re not quite perfect at this yet, like someone else we know, don’t beat yourself up…a little tweaking is all that’s required.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle




Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Elle,
    You are SO right, “we are what we think about, weather we like it or not”.
    Thank you for pushing that thought to the forefront, where it belongs!!

    • Elle

      And didn’t I find that out to my cost last week! I’m always up for reminders Shauna. 🙂

  2. Oh Elle-
    Thanks for using Findhorn as an example – it shows how we live in a world of ‘miracles’ if we just let ourselves dream what it is we want. Your example of making assumptions about what time of month police give tickets is a good one. What we dream is what we’ll get. I believe that our ‘wise big manifested self’ is with us all the time – guiding us in moving forward. Your words today offer me a much needed reminder. xxoo-Fran

    • Elle

      I ‘knew’ you’d know all about Findhorn Fran. It’s just your cup of tea. Glad to be a reminder…heaven knows I need reminding my self…on a regular basis. That’s where hubby comes in handy…and he’s pretty quick to get me back on track. 🙂

  3. Elle,
    I have heard of Findhorn but can’t remember from where. I love to garden and recently made a little indoor herb garden. All plants are doing well except for the Basil plant. I cut off a whole bunch to make pesto and every since then it’s been dying off little by little. I imagine that it’s missing it’s big bushiness and feels naked! Thank you for reminding me about raising my own Consciousness! I know that we are what we think but sometimes we need reminders!!

    Thanks for sharing this post Elle! I really enjoyed reading and have linked it to my latest post.

    • Elle

      You should check Findhorn out, Betsy…it’s a fascinating place and one day I plan a visit. And I thank you for the link to your fabulous new post. 🙂

  4. Elle,

    So many golden nuggets in this one — the story of the police officer, the story about your health scare, and the consciousness of plants. I really enjoyed this read! Very nice. My favorite takeaway was your comment, “In consciousness, we don’t say I’m going to be…we say I AM. We’re moving from wanting to having and it’s done in secret, through spiritual means within.” I love it! I’ll keep saying that — I AM! Thank you Elle! 🙂

    • Elle

      Why thank you kind sir…we’re always happy to hear from you Victor. I think we’re aligned in consciousness and that’s pretty cool to me. 🙂

  5. This is beautiful!
    I am very much an ‘I *am*’ person – negativity gets me down, so I stay as positive and as surrounded by positive as I possibly can. My friends say I dream in rainbows and unicorns. 😛

    • Elle

      Welcome Shai..I’ve gotta say dreaming in rainbows and unicorns sounds like a pretty good deal to me. If that feels lovely to you, you just keep right on doing it and see more lovely things appearing in your world. 🙂

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