I first discovered that there was a missing link to a magical life when I was a child, but I had no clue what I was doing or what it all meant.

Maybe I just tapped into this innate ability to imagine something and see it manifest in my world. I don’t know.

I do know that it’s an ability we all have.

And today I’m convinced by my own experiences that there is a missing link to a magical life. And although it isn’t really magic, it has often seemed a magical experience to me.

It took a while, but eventually I discovered what that missing link was as I ventured along my path in life.

Here’s what I discovered about the missing link to this seemingly magical life and why you might have had difficulties in creating the life you’re capable of experiencing – up until now!

The missing link to a magical life

I’m going to say something that in some circles would likely be seen as an affront.

But here goes nothing.

Years ago I became a spiritual seeker in life – as I still am.

That’s when I began to discover why for so many of us the manifesting or creating techniques so often written about didn’t work for many. Yes me included.

It isn’t that they didn’t work because you or I misunderstood or misused any universal principles. Nor is it down to the fact that they’re a load of rubbish anyway and really just don’t work for anyone.

They mostly didn’t work because this one element was missing.

This vital ingredient is rarely if ever included in the practices.

It’s the feeling and emotionalizing element.

An explanation

If you’ve ever wondered why:

You’ve tried time and time again to experience what you wanted in life and it never materialized.

Or worse – you’ve tried it over and over and the opposite of what you wanted showed up.

And sometimes things seemingly appeared out of the blue and you didn’t know why.

It’s all to do with energy. The energy of feelings and emotions.

Why is this so? You might well ask.

It was way after I began to be a spiritual seeker in life that I found out what this was all about.

Your subconscious self

Our subconscious self is the creative aspect of who we are.

Oh we can think and dream and even visualize what we want in life. We can ask and expect. But without emotionalizing it we might as well sit and twiddle our thumbs.

Your feelings and emotions are the only way to reach your subconscious creative self and set it to work on your behalf, creating the very things you’ve been imagining.

Yet, sad to say, your conscious mind, full of ideas as it is, doesn’t have the ability to draw any of these things into your physical reality, without your subconscious playing its part.

Bummer – to coin a good old English phrase.

It’s still a brilliant system 

It can be hard to know what your subconscious mind has taken in as a request. But pretty easy to find out… just take a look around you. You’ll find it there.

Check your world today.

Do you have lots of things you worry about?

Are your actions and the results in your world all over the place?

Do events happen on a regular basis that cause you to complain?

Whatever you might see, this is your consciousness operating. It’s your conscious mind and subconscious mind together.

Here’s more on your subconscious and conscious minds working together.

Your daily life is more than just a mirror 

Your daily life is a revelation reflector, revealing you to you. It’s showing what’s going on in your consciousness so you can change it if you want to and once you begin to practice making your consciousness work for you it becomes almost magical.

How does the magic work?

I honestly don’t know nor do I care. All the wonderful experiences that have been brought into my life through my use of the power of consciousness won’t and don’t disappear because I don’t know how it works.

And I noticed that whether I understood how it worked or not, my subconscious self made no choices of its own. It took my thoughts and feelings as a request to produce an experience that correlated with them. 

Should my thoughts and feelings change, so did the request. Which explains a little of why some of our experiences are as they are. Thoughts and feelings being all over the place, the events of our life have to reflect that back to us.

At this point I learned to look for signs of land.

What are signs of land?

Think of being at sea.

In front of you is a boundless stretch of water. Nothing else in sight. Until one day you notice some flotsam in the water or maybe a bird flies by. You can be sure that even though you can’t see it yet, there is land somewhere close by.

As you practice what it feels like to have the things you want or who you want to be and in your minds eye, creating a visual of what it looks like – then you look for signs of land.

Okay you’re not at sea. Unless you count yourself as being in a sea of energy.

So what’s a sign of land in this context? It could be a myriad of things. Be open. Look for signs of land, however small that are indications that your dreams or desires are on their way.

I used to notice when someone called me unexpectedly and they brought up the very thing that had been on my mind, leading me to see it in a new light.

Or perhaps I came across something I hadn’t noticed before online or in a book. 

Perhaps I had a new thought. One I’d never experienced before. 

These always turned out to be signs of land that I was closer to my desire being fulfilled. Or at least within rowing distance!

I know you’ve experienced signs of land in your life, but may not have connected the dots back to consciousness. The dots being the little things that appear along the way.

These little signs have always confirmed to me that something wonderful was on its way.

Let’s break this down

Pay attention to what you feel. This is important. Your feelings are the medium through which you are reaching your subconscious self, which then is able to reproduce them as a physical reality.

This can occur either through events you experience, or people who show up, or what you become newly aware of or a myriad of other ways.

And then it’s delivered to you as you sit in your chair daydreaming!

Not such much.


Though I’ve sometimes wished this were true. But so far no luck.

What is more likely is that you find yourself doing something different.

Something you might not have thought of or done before. This is because you’re operating in a new energy, a new state of consciousness or a new state of mind, whatever you want to call it.

It’s this new state that is stirring you in new actions. This is your subconscious working behind the scenes. Working for you, to supply you with little prompts for you to act and then you supply the action. Or you don’t. All up to you. This is what’s called free will at work.

Now you can be a partner in the creation of your new life experiences. Or not. Once again, this is entirely in your hands.

A word on failure

If it seems as though you’ve failed ask yourself this question:

“How would I feel if something wonderful came out of this?”

Because that’s the thing, we just don’t know. Was our apparent failure because of something wonderful waiting in the wings? Just not in the way we expected.

We get to assume it is, or it isn’t. Neither has yet become ‘true’ in our world which is why I’m a big believer in assuming what I want.. Assumption is another choice in our hands.

Since our emotional emotional nature is what affects our existence, I have found assuming the best feels a lot better than assuming the worst.. 

As Neville Goddard once said:

Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between your feelings and your visible world.  

Final thoughts

You are far more than a wishful thinker or daydreamer in your life, you are the originator. And the magic of the universe waits for you to uncover all the tools you’ve been given to create that magical life.

You need no longer be the one who lets struggles and challenges get you down. And you definitely don’t need to be the one who lets others put you down, even though they may mock what you believe or practice.

Inside you is the power of the universe. Value it. Value yourself.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle



Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Dee Morton

    Dear Elle –
    What a powerful article on “The Energy of Emotions and Feelings”. I was reminded of my Dad, who taught us to always plan for things by first preparing for the worst case scenario. Oh my stars, that makes me laugh but that was the way his mother taught him and he never ever questioned it. Thank goodness that like you, I was a questioner early on in my life and thus I questioned if Dad’s way really was the best way. Which eventually brought me to what you state so beautifully – that my world is/was revealing me to myself. And to – I can better control my world of experiences by managing my feelings. Thank you for this wonderful piece that explains it so well. I’ll have to purchase your books so I can delve deeper.

    • Hi Dee – I do hope the books support you in delving deeper into living that magical life.

  2. Our subconscious is SO important to our mental health and the reality that we create for ourselves. And you are so right. The connection between these things is undeniable. I like the mirror and the signs of land analogies.

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