My Mum was a very wise woman.  Everyone loved her, and our door was always open.  I don’t think I ever saw her turn anyone away.  Friends, and friends of friends would visit her for a little ‘chat’ and she always had a willing ear.  Folks would come into the house with furrowed brows  and hunched shoulders, as though they carried the worries of the world on them.  Yet after a ‘nice cup of tea’ and a chat with my Mum off they would go, to all intents and purposes different people.  I wasn’t privy to these conversations so I have no idea what she said or even if she said anything.  Perhaps all that was needed was a kindly face, a cheerful smile and a willing ear. She had her moments though, and certain rules that we, as kids, needed to pay attention to: 1.   If it’s not…

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