Life is full of amazing things.  I don’t know why I’m still astonished at the breadth and scope of the wonderment of it all.  But I am. Whilst not being the best photographer in the world, and I know these photos don’t do justice to the subject, but I just had to share. I consider myself relatively worldly, since I’ve travelled all over the world and sampled many a variety of culinary delights, but these took my breath away…I truly have never seen…or for that matter tasted anything like this before. And look at these, they’re just like little flowers. What are they? You might well ask. Or perhaps I’m just displaying my ignorance and you already knew…they’re mushrooms. Aren’t they amazing though? What about these… Lobster mushrooms…I had never heard of them, let alone seen them and they really do taste like lobster. We bought one of these, and…

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