[success]Harmony is one phase of the law whose spiritual expression is love. ~ James Allen[/success] What’s the difference between simplicity and minimalism?  I’ve been reading a lot about both lately and I must say it seems to mean different things to different people. Hey, we’ve even reached the stage where we have magazines based on simplicity and minimalism.  It’s become mainstream…and yet, strangely, I found myself swimming against the tide. I’m definitely not in the same category as one of my friends, who was perfectly happy with a room, some books and his weights. On top of which, I would never have made a pioneer woman, travelling the countryside in a conestoga…I always loved my hair dryer too much. So there was me, and there were those who took to whatever their version of simplicity and/or minimalism is, like a duck to water. The challenge I had, was that neither…

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