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Filled with an unexpected and unusual organizational frenzy, I cleaned up my e-mails on Saturday..and promptly lost every blooming one.  I didn’t exactly delete them, they seemed to disappear into the ether somewhere.  Not the great result I was looking for. They were probably occupying the same space with all the odd socks that have mysteriously disappeared over the years.  Don’t you hate it when that happens? I panicked…it’s my go-to mode when the inexplicable happens.  I knew I had important unanswered e-mails sitting somewhere and I wanted them back.  Like now. And eventually I fell back on tried and true methods to be revealed later… Panic I was reminded of this today when I met with a friend who was frantically trying to gain access to a site that held a vital e-mail list.  She was sooooo ticked off,  steam coming out of her ears and a progressive annoyance…

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