Spiritual Laws


Why was I pondering Universal Laws?  Because it tried to rain on me this morning.  What a nerve! I usually wait until there’s some light to walk by before I venture out,  Dawn’s early gleaming and all that.  After all there might be a panther or big black snake or some other creature that I haven’t yet encountered in this Florida paradise.  And yes, they’d be lining up just waiting for me, come on you know they would. But it got to be past seven and dawn wasn’t even glimmering, let alone gleaming, so being the stoic Scot that I am, I went for it.  Five minutes out it dawned…on me…not the world, there still wasn’t a gleam, because any glimmer that might have been, was hidden behind big, black, ominous looking clouds.  That explained why it was so dark past seven o’clock.  Obviously and naturally, they were waiting till I…

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