A visit to Los Angeles isn’t complete without a trip to Disneyland.  I love it, the kids love it, everyone loves it…who wouldn’t? I don’t/can’t ride on everything, well okay, I don’t/can’t ride on too many things, all right, I admit it, I hardly ever ride on anything.  I can manage Dumbo, because sitting in an elephant is easy,  and the Mad Hatter’s Tea party because it’s obviously comfortable in a giant teacup.  Anything higher or bumpier than that just makes me feel awful.  And yes, I have to take something when I fly, or sail, and I can’t even sit in the back seat of a car. We were in a hurry to get…well everywhere. We had to meet Minnie. And the other characters. And L.J couldn’t possibly miss having a daring adventure. And then, naturally, a hug with Pinocchio’s Daddy was in order. Moving right on to… Where…

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