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Some years ago I went to a seminar…it sounded great.  Six Easy Steps To The Secret of Life…not the exact title but close enough.  Wow, I was hooked.  I like easy; six steps seemed doable and the secret of life…well who wouldn’t want to know what that was.  I was there with bells and whistles. Two days later I still had questions.  The presenter said that the sub-conscious was the powerhouse behind everything.  Regardless of what my conscious mind had to say on the matter, the sub-conscious was the ruler of the roost.  Okay, I got that.  Now how do I tell my sub-conscious what I want so I have this powerhouse working for me and not against me.  Aah, she said that’s the million dollar question for which I don’t have an answer.  What!  Nooo.  I’d come to learn these secrets and the biggest one of all was beyond…

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