[success] Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. ~ John Lennon [/success] Have you heard of Findhorn, the Scottish (naturally) Foundation which is an experiment in conscious living and growing? It’s the place where they use the power of love and encouragement…a bit like us here…but they use it to grow outsize vegetables and plants in less than hospitable ground.  They’re famous for their forty pound cabbages…yep you read right…that’s forty pounds and they do it all by co-creating with nature. By means of nature and spirit. Most gardeners and those who spend time daily with plants will probably tell you about the consciousness of plants. Which doesn’t come as any surprise to us now does it?  We know that EVERYTHING is consciousness. Consciousness is the cause and the substance of it all. We’re all discovering the power of our imagination and how our thoughts and feelings and ideas translate into what…

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