rules for successful living


I’ve always loved the Edison quote I failed my way to success.  It seems to say, let yourself off the hook.  Don’t beat yourself up if you interpret something as a failure. It begins young, this beating ourselves up stuff.  I saw it in our six year old sprite who was really, really upset with herself when she lost a board game.  She wasn’t upset with the game, or the other players, just with herself for making a mistake.  I told her about Edison and Einstein and other greats who failed their way to success. And today I thought I’d share some simple, but cool (in my mind) concepts to make our journey a little easier and maybe a little rosier.  Love me those rose coloured glasses.  Never mind the naysayers who call us overly optimistic or too cheerful.  I’m the first to admit I’m a cheerful Charlie and it feels…

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