It’s not the promise of doughnuts, or my first cup of tea that gets me up in the morning, I just love my early morning walks.  Hmm why is that? Maybe because this morning it was beautiful;  sun rising, warm and breezy and the birds were chirping merrily.  Love me those birds.  But no, it’s not that. How about the fact that I’m always happy to be moving…my Darling One…a true gym rat (not sure if that’s a nice expression, but if he reads this he’s sure to let me know) well, he loves to say move it or lose it.  But I think it’s move it and lose it…the jiggly bits that is.  So I’m happy to be moving. No, that’s not it either. And then it struck me.  I love it because I get high. I bump into people who have earphones…I’m sure they’re listening to something wonderful…and…

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