The British love animals, especially dogs and horses, and they love their gardens.  Well more aptly they love flower gardens.  In fact, its not really considered a garden without flowers.  So I find myself  a little out of sorts with the sorry state of my new garden. The Queen has a lovely garden at her Sandringham Estate. Okay, I know I’m not exactly the Queen, although my Darling One says I speak just like her…I really don’t! The Brits have wild flower gardens. And ornamental gardens. They have beautiful herbaceous borders. They have flower shows…this photo from The Chelsea Flower Show. Even tiny houses with tiny gardens are abundant in blooms. And now for the coup de grace…my sorry excuse for a garden.  It doesn’t really measure up now does it? Methinks it needs a little help.  Any ideas? Encourage one another. Love Elle xo

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