quantum leap


We’ve all struggled. And somehow the struggles felt by teenagers seem to be so intense and overwhelming and oh so hard to handle. Regardless of how trivial they end up being. That’s how it was for me. And it helps to have wise counsel in life, be you a teenager or a fully grown adult. Mums’ can help It’s been said before and I’m happy to say it again…my Mum was a very wise woman.  I was supported and loved even when, looking back I’m not certain I deserved it. Somehow, my Mum always managed to say what you needed to hear… often before you knew you needed to hear it and…sometimes when you thought you didn’t ever need to hear it! Quantum leaping She even understood about quantum leaps, before quantum leaps had been discussed and written about.  And I found myself quoting her today as my friend and I had…

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