Personal growth


My mind flits.  Some would say it’s undisciplined…I call it creative.  Some would say I’m illogical…I say imagination rules.  Some have said I pay little attention to facts…and they’re right, I prefer to keep my attention on what I want. But…and even though it’s a big BUT, it has nothing to do with jiggles or ultra tight jeans or those unrelenting ten extra pounds. But…every now and then I want evidence that I truly am an unmitigated, intransigent right brain thinker so I go back and check out this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uit3UcHD264 Most people see the dancer turning anti-clockwise which indicates left brain thinking.  These are the logical, strategic, reality based thinkers.  Which apparently I’m still not!  How about you? If you see her turning clockwise, you are in my camp.  We are the right brained ones, the impetuous, imaginative risk-takers.  But I’d truly like to be both, a little…

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