Recently, I began to miss the good old dawn chorus.  Not that I was always happy to hear it.  In the middle of summer in Britain, sleeping with the windows open chances are you, okay make that me…were more than likely to be woken up by above mentioned dawn chorus around 4 am.  Not usually at my best at that time in the morning.  Might even go so far as to call me a little grumpy. Yet, here I am missing the dawn chorus.  I miss the sounds of those little British robins, the song thrush, wren, chaffinch, goldfinch, and sparrow for starters. We have the mockingbird, wagtails as I like to call them, and I’ve seen cardinals flitting around in the marsh trees outside our window.  Not too shabby, but, bless their little hearts, they don’t add up to a dawn chorus. So what’s to be done? I decided to train…

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