[success]Peace is to be found only within, and unless one finds it there he will never find it at all. Peace lies not in the external world. It lies within one’s own soul. ~ Ralph W. Trine[/success] I’ve always been one for full disclosure, so I’m admitting right now, I’m not perfect at walking this path to peace. That’s really good news, though you might wonder how not being perfect is good news.  Well it’s good news for all of us recovering or current perfectionists. Yay, it’s a celebration, I’m not perfect and I’m speaking it out loud. A while ago I was visited with the joy of conjunctivitis.  It didn’t dampen my spirits, well not too much, but it did give me a really blurry view of life. Not exactly a rose coloured spectacles view of life, more like a damp and misty morning on the moor. And that’s…

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