As a result of all the great feel-good movies entered in last week’s contest/giveaway I was impelled to plonk myself in front of the TV for a feel-good fest. Lest anyone think I’m becoming something of a slacker, I’ll own up right now.  You’re probably right.  But I couldn’t resist. The temptation was too great and I succumbed. One of the movies I watched was dedicated to love in its many forms.  Love of food, love of spouses,  love of talent, even love of butter.  It got me thinking…how many words did the Greeks have for love, was it four?  However many, I saw them all play out in this movie and I wanted to incorporate them into my life.  Every day. I wanted to love every moment, to be filled with a heart-felt woosh of love, unexpected in my day, to love the mundane, the extraordinary, the strange.  I…

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