[success]It is a most healthy and productive exercise to daily relive the day as you wish you had lived it, revising the scenes to make them conform to your ideals. ~ Neville[/success] There you are, tucked up beneath your covers, all relaxed and quiet and about to fall asleep when bam, some awful thought drags you right back to some awful something that happened, or didn’t happen but should have. And surprise, surprise, you’re now, wide awake, imagining the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day you’ve just had.  Not a great way to end the day, and totally not what’s needed to help you get to sleep. As a recovering insomniac who’s probably spent more night time hours awake than asleep I naturally have something to say on the topic.  My Darling One would say I have something to say on most topics…but this is one of my genuine…

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