This isn’t a question to protect you from marauding hordes creating mayhem in your life.  Its a question of the serious kind. I lost my purse today, sorry old habits die hard, I mean wallet. Argh.  Well,  I noticed it was missing today.  I phoned Adorable, maybe I left it at home.  Apparently not.  Last  time I saw it was at the grocery store, yesterday.  Maybe they have it?  Nope, not there either.  Time to make a list of what was in it: Credit cards:  Check. Driver’s license: Check. Debit card: Check. Medical insurance cards: Check. Car insurance card: Check. Photos of loved ones: Check. What else?  Must be more, it was a big fat wallet, stuffed with…what?  My mind was blank.  Does everyone carry much more than they need, like me? Did I lose it or did someone help themselves to it…I had no clue. Spent time in my…

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