[success] Be like the bird, who Halting in her flight On limb too slight Feels it give way beneath her, Yet sings, Knowing she hath wings. –Victor Hugo[/success] Just off my dining room is a small porch, barely big enough for two chairs.  The dining room and the porch sit above the garage and driveway.  My next door neighbors have a huge maple tree, whose spreading branches provide morning shade on the porch. A few days ago, I was sitting on the porch, eating my customary breakfast of granola.  I became aware of a soft thumping sound.  I looked up and there was a squirrel, poised at the corner of the roof above me, eyeing me nervously.  His tail was twitching furiously and he was stomping his tiny back feet, hence the soft thumping sound that had caught my attention. I assumed he was coveting my granola and trying to think…

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