My Darling One and I were heading for the airport…it’s just a short twenty minutes away and we were ten minutes into the twenty minute drive when he said. “Where’s my cellphone?”  I was very comforting…it’s what I do.   ” It’s probably in your pocket. ” He checked, every one of them. “No, I think I left it at home.” We’re now five minutes away from the airport. “It’s probably in your bag” in my most comforting voice. “No, I definitely left it at home” as we were screeching across three lanes to turn around.  He’s a very definite driver when needs must. Time was short and I can be a lot of fun to drive with and these are the things I wanted to say: Get in that lane, it’s moving faster. Why stick behind this truck, he’s bound to be way behind the flow of traffic. Gun…

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