As soon as I read the first quotes in this book, I knew it was one for me…and you know I’m pretty picky about what I’m going to read.  If I’m to immerse myself in anything it has to be something that will elevate my consciousness or ”fuggedaboutit’. The Intuition Principle by Angela Artemis does that in spades. If we are to continue to be more than we were, we must expand our consciousness and Angela supports this mission with her amazing book.  It’s choc-a-bloc with guided meditations and tools and techniques.  And who doesn’t love a good technique.  Anything that makes life easier, right? Have I said I *love* this book yet?  Well I do.  And trust me, you won’t hear me say that very often. I *love* the pop quiz on how intuitive we might actually be.  You really should take it, it’s a wonderful insight and great…

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