Last night I slept.  This might not seem unusual to those who sleep regularly…like every night.  But sleep hasn’t always been my best friend. We make unusual bedfellows.  I seek sleep and it eludes me and I had thought we were supposed to be hooking up every night.  No such luck, sleep was off enjoying itself with someone else. But not last night.  Last night it came, and stayed, and I was so happy.  In the past, I might have slept for two or three hours before waking up…vividly, intensely, wide awake.  At three in the morning I could have been out jogging, as bright as a button. I never was though…too spooky in the dark…but it was always a possibility. But not last night.  Last night when I did wake up, I was in that wonderfully drowsy state, the one that regular people are so accustomed to, and I…

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