in the flow


I promised myself I’d end procrastination. But that I’d get to it last week, and then this week and now I’m heading into next week. And if you think I might have something of a procrastination problem…well that can’t be…I’ve recovered from this condition.  Haven’t I? Maybe it’s an inherent part of the human condition that just needs to be managed. Perhaps I’m unable to end procrastination because it’s become a horrible habit. Maybe I have strong beliefs in procrastination…well that’s got to be true. If it weren’t somewhere in the depths of my consciousness I wouldn’t experience it. Maybe it’s a mass consciousness thingy that we’ve all consented to. We’re all at it, procrastinating I mean. We’ll get to it tomorrow…right? One soon day I’ll organize that awful mess that I call my junk drawer…it’s not that important that I can’t find the ‘whatnot’ I’ve been searching for since…

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