My conversations with my grandma would sometimes take a funny turn: “Where are you going?” “What do you mean?” “Where are you going?” “I’m not going anywhere, I’m sitting right here.” “I mean where are you going in your head.” “Nowhere.” “Aah, that’s the problem.  If you wandered…

I was sharing a joke with a young assistant in Target,  one of my very, very favourite places to shop, especially for kids jim-jams (pyjamas to you dear readers).  And he asked me how I stayed so cheerful. Did I have a secret I’d share with him? I…

Isn’t it interesting that so many athletes of various stripes visualize their outcomes and affirm their success in addition to practicing, on the court, the track, or the course, yet they rarely talk about it. There’s always the exception that proves the rule of course.  We watched Rory…

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