how to stop negative thinking


The direction of a man’s thought is always the decisive factor in his personality. His whole outer life will be determined by the inward inclination of his mind. ~ Erich Sauer In the name of sweet heaven, what’s wrong with me? That was the question I was asking myself over and over. What was I wrestling with? The very title of this post.  Help…I can’t stop my negative thoughts.  Those persistent negative thoughts that do no good and when you think you have a handle on them and are breathing a sigh of relief…wham…they rear their ugly little heads again. I needed help. Ever had this happen to you? It’s sucky.  And here I thought I was beyond this.  Lesson learned. I immerse myself in spiritual and emotional expansion daily.  I know what to do with this…yet here I was. I soul searched and decided a little more research and a…

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