how to move from fear to courage


Do you remember the shyest kid at school?  You know the one who didn’t have much to say for themselves.  The one who kept to the back of the class whenever possible, or was happy to be the last in line for anything.  That was me.  Hard to believe I was once that shrinking violet since I turned into quite a blabbermouth.  But true. As a small child, Mum was so worried about my shyness level that she seriously considered taking me to see a psychiatrist.  A psychiatrist.  In Britain.  When I was a kid.  Unheard of. As a young teenager, walking into a large room full of people I had to walk around the sides, there was no way I could walk right down the middle where everyone might notice me. [success] He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life. ~ Ralph…

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