how to hypnotize yourself for an abundant life


[success] Life is creation. Self and circumstances are the raw material. ~ Dorothy M. Richardson [/success] Have you ever thought that you weren’t all that creative?  Or worse, had someone tell you, you’re so not creative? My brother used to tell me I couldn’t sing, my sister said a garden gnome had more rhythm than I did, so I shouldn’t bother to dance and the art teacher mentioned on more than one occasion, that people’s hands and arms weren’t usually twice the size of their bodies.  Funny, she didn’t see me as a budding Picasso.  Maybe I should have made the eyes bigger instead of the hands. I began to suffer from CSCDCP syndrome. Okay, I made that up, but having accepted that I couldn’t sing, couldn’t dance, couldn’t paint worth a lick, and basically couldn’t do anything that I deemed ‘creative’,  I called it CSCDCP  for short, and it was my…

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