how to find loving kindness


[success] The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye, but found by the heart. ~ Unknown [/success] Yep, you read this correctly.  I did fly with Usher.  Yes, that Usher.  The one who just won a Grammy. Well on the same flight to be precise.  That count’s as flying with him.  Right?  He wasn’t at the awards ceremony, because he was on a flight with me! I first noticed him at the airport and had to speak to him…honestly I couldn’t help myself, much to the consternation of my Darling One. He definitely said I shouldn’t go chasing after stars at airports, but I’m just going to check out that it’s really him I said.  Of course it wasn’t all I did.  I just had to say something, anything. I wasn’t a pest…well I didn’t think so…I just told him I loved his music.  He flashed that amazing smile, said thank…

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