how to change your destiny


[success] It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. ~ William Shakespeare[/success] You all know by now that I’m prone to having exceptionally wonderfully thoughts…yes, yes, I know, some might call them weird but wonderful can be weird.  Can’t it? This morning was no different.  I’m poodling along, happily on my way to the dentist…honest to goodness ever since I released my fear (mostly, anyway) of dental visits, I seem to live in their office.  Wassupwiththat? Anyhoo, there I was meandering through the early morning traffic, whilst wondering how I’d manage without a steering wheel. Yes my friends, that was my wonderfully weird thought of the day. I supposed I’d be prone to all kinds of problems, given that if I didn’t have a steering wheel, nor presumably would anyone else.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster wouldn’t you say? I’d certainly wind up somewhere, but it’s…

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