Everything that exists is in a manner the seed of that which will be. ~ Marcus Aurelius My English grandma’s house backed onto a farm.  Did I never mention that I was multicultural?  Yep English father, Scottish mother. The house and the farm were separated by a muddy pathway and a typically British drystone wall a la: My grandma lived in Yorkshire.  Totally irrelevant of course, but it gives me an excuse to share this photo ‘cos I like it.  For anyone interested in geography, this is York on a very English summer day.  It’s still pretty to me, mist and all. Meanwhile, back at the farm, farmer Brown is leaning on a gatepost overlooking his freshly ploughed field as we walked by. “I’m expecting a great crop of corn this year” he said to no-one in particular. Grandma said that this was wonderful and when did he plant…

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