Do you wish for kindness? Be kind. Do you ask for truth? Be true. What you give of yourself you find; Your world is a reflex of you. ~ James Allen We either love or hate the Oscars.  But, you won’t hear me dissing them…there are some seriously beautiful people in seriously beautiful dresses.  I’m a sucker for those dresses, and I get to see George Clooney, definitely worth watching, and a glimpse of Hugh Jackman, ever the gentleman, rushing the rescue of a young damsel in distress, as Jennifer Lawrence tripped up the stairs ever so slightly. I have my shallow side. The Oscars and the laws of life In case you were wondering, yes I did watch the whole darn thing, and being in the realm of movies and projections took me right back to how the laws of life work. Sorry, I can’t help it…it’s my natural state, taking everything…

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