greater life


“You aint seen nothing yet”  may just be a song title to you, but to my friend Mike it was his favourite expression, as he entered his next phase of one-new-thing-to-be-learned-every-year. Seeking a little expansion of you?  And I don’t mean physically…there’s not too many of us out there who are hankering to add a few pounds. But learning a new thing can be more than accomplishments, or new skills under our belts.  We become more inspiring, we are growing our concept of ourselves, expanding who we are and how we experience our life. Looking for an idea or two?  Take a look at Mike’s version of  “you aint seen nothing yet”. He tried everything on for size. He didn’t actually do everything he tried out.  He waited ’till he found that perfect something.  This wasn’t it.  It didn’t fit. Not to be outdone, I thought I’d give gliding…

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