I love America.  I love the small Florida town where we live.  I love the hospitality of the American people, especially to those of us from other lands.  I love small town events that lift my spirits. I love my life. If I sound happy, it’s because I AM. Last night my Darling One and some friends went to The 38th Annual Singing Christmas tree here in small town USA. But first we went here, where we had a delicious dinner.  Gluten free for me and my gluten, and then some, on my D.O’s plate.  I’m so jealous…the chocolate mousse looked good enough…well to eat.   Used Hipstamatic to create a little atmosphere. What do you think? And then… The Singing Christmas Tree. The first time I saw this I was bowled over…I’d never seen anything like it before.  And I found it totally lovely.  Lovely to enough to attend…

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