Today I saw a little fluffy yellow chick standing by the side of the road, waving a placard, suggesting I get my car washed…actually it was a schoolgirl wearing a fluffy chick costume…but it made me smile. Turning on the radio in my car I found it was tuned to the Grateful Dead channel…hmm I wonder who did that?  It made me smile. Putting on a scarf and gloves to go for my morning walk because it was…brrrr…wait for it, fifty one degrees…made me smile. Getting a hug from my friend Sandy whom I unexpectedly bumped into this morning…made me smile. Seeing a comment on this blog from my sister…made me smile.  Well in this case I laughed out loud, because she is so funny. Pulling into the garage and finding this parked in the spot where my Darling One parks…made me smile.  He’s another funny one. Taking a look…

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