forgiveness tips


Reverend Mary Morrisey recently spoke about a Harvard Study on the Genius Mind..which I haven’t been able to find through that wonderful google machine. Hey, apparently we all have one, a genius mind that is. Well, we all started out with one. Apparently this genius mind operates on all modalities, takes in information kinesthetically, intuitively, intellectually, physically, and then synthesizes or makes use of that information. And a baby freely does that. So there you have it, as a baby you had a genius mind…so what gives….where the heck did it go, because it would seem that by the time we’re five, only twenty percent of us operate at this level. Yes, yes, I’m sure we were all one of those twenty percent. It gets worse as we get older, because our genius mind begins to operate in new and unhelpful ways. So what happens? It turns out the reason we…

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