for not against


When I’m out and about running errands I’ve been to know to stop for a quick ‘cuppa’ and a chance to reflect on where I’m heading next.  Inevitably I overhear conversations…and sometimes they’re interesting enough for me to sit up and take notice.  Okay, okay…I’m being nosy.  In my defence it’s generally because people are talking loudly enough for me to hear, so it can’t be a secret.  Right? This is actually a photo of tea at the Savoy… I didn’t really stop for tea there…I might have done if it were here in Florida, although, being completely honest, as of course I always am, the champagne might be the real attraction. In the little coffee shop where I actually was yesterday I happen to hear…solely by chance you understand…two people discussing what they ‘hated’ about the holiday season and…well what they hated about everything.  What a downer…if I’d listened…

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